Blending with a portable Blender-what is the Best Battery Operated Blender


A blender is one of the most essential kitchen appliances that is needed for every home. Some situations will also be made easy when you have a blender outside the kitchen for example when you are out camping, having a picnic or when other areas without plug in provisions for blenders. If you find yourself in any of the above situations then you must get a battery operated blending unit.

These appliances are portable and can blend foods wherever you want. They are also quiet popular because of their affordability. It is a better choice for any person that enjoys making blended juices outdoors or if you are a regular traveler that enjoys taking their own freshly made juice. The following are suggestions for some of the best battery operated blenders you can opt for.

Margatiritaville DM 900 Battery Powered Frozen –concoction maker

This is probably the best battery operated blender in the market. It comes with an 18vNi-Cd battery that is gives users the freedom to blend foods anywhere the urge to do so strikes. It is in fact a great feature for any person that is always on the move and wants to maintain a healthy lifestyle away from home.

Being pricy, it is expected to offer excellent services for which it does not disappoint. It has the ability to pulverize whatever food you want effortlessly. The additional pre-programmed settings makes it even more effective as it performs its tasks better. The ruggedness of this blender is proof of being suited for the road. It has a 36-ounce blending container. It is also very easy to clean it, as you do not have to worry about it. The only drawback is that it is loud but this should not be a course to worry considering that all blenders are loud to begin with.

Hamilton beach 51102 single serve blender

This is an elegant battery powered blender which is also very affordable compared to the others marked in the same is meant to serve a single person hence the name single serve. It has a 175watt motor which is still powerful by all means because of being a low volume blender. Users have a choice between single jar or double jar blenders.

Your blender choice is determined by your needs. Because of the small jar sizes, you should not expect to make a lot of food in these blenders. However, they are the most convenient for travelling as they fit in most car drink holders not to mention that you can drink the juice directly from the jars.

Cuisinart CSB 78 Smart Stick

This is one of the best portable blenders. It has a cordless design meaning it is not tied to the use of any cables or socket. Find a suitable place, sit and blend as much as you want as long as it does not exceed twenty minutes that is the battery limit for the blender.